Wool Rug Repair & Restoration NYC

Wool Rug Repair & Restoration NYC
Wool Rug Repair & Restoration NYC
Wool Rug Repair & Restoration NYC
Wool Rug Repair & Restoration NYC
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250 W 57th St New York, NY 10107
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We provide expert wool rug care and treatment in NY & NJ. Because of the unique nature of wool, our process with wool rugs is gentle and meticulous. Each rug is handled with specific attention to the fibers and structure – whether dyed or natural, woven or hooked.

At our off-site cleaning facility, we bathe your rug in a carefully mixed pool of conditioning minerals that penetrate all wool fibers. We then clean the backing and front separately using all-natural, non-toxic green cleaning products.

Restore your Wool rug’s beauty. Acids in pet urine, food, or liquids can attack a fine area rug, making colors bleed or burning its fibers – which in turn allows more absorption of pollutants and dirt.

Blotting liquids immediately from the rug and under-padding can help stave off damage. But just as often simple home measures are just not enough. We can help your fine wool rug get its glow back. We offer highly-specialized color restoration services in NY & NJ, so the beauty and value of your Wool rug will be long lasting.

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